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    We are innovators in the sanitaryware and faucet industries, having amassed decades of experience and customer research. Our goal is to assist our customers in designing the bathroom of their dreams since we recognise that a bathroom is a reflection of a person’s lifestyle and taste.


     We provide whole bathroom solutions that can infuse any bathroom with individuality. We provide a wide variety of products, including vanities, showers, shower enclosures, washbasin, and faucets. Our elegant bathroom solutions are made with the best components and the most advanced technologies available. 


    We have received a variety of designs over the previous ten years from accredited Indian companies that manufacture bathroom equipment. There are traces of us all over Tamil Nadu. With more than 250 brand locations, our powerful retail network has helped us build a nationwide client base of millions of devoted supporters. We are honoured to have our clients’ unmatched faith and confidence for more than 6 years at this point. 



Our Latest Products



HEALTHWARE has successfully infused innovation into the bathroom, positioning it as the industry’s top provider of ceramic sanitary ware. Modern technologies will now be used by HEALTHWARE to improve the comfort and convenience of daily life.


In the restrooms of the future, comfort will be crucial. That is due to the fact that anyone who appreciates first-class design places the same value on other elements of their bathroom. To answer these demands, HEATHWARE has created the ideal solutions, delivering you the pinnacle of contemporary bathroom culture.


The design concepts are roughed out in a way that they maintain the integrity of the contemporary style. They will give your spaces a feeling of familiarity as they blend in. The sanitaryware is designed to fit into a variety of locations with various interior design aesthetics. There won’t be any compromising on the creation’s quality or appearance.


Modern bathroom culture has stood for the height of cleanliness and wellbeing from the beginning of time. Above all, every HEALTHWARE bathroom offers a haven for leisure in addition to convenience and usefulness. Because of this, HEALTHWARE combines Western engineering and eastern bathroom culture.


Modern civilization has always included the bathing ritual. Modern living, where spiritual and physical purity go hand in hand, places a premium on cleanliness and hygiene as an essential element of daily existence. Both are necessary for the other to exist. This is also a cornerstone of HEALTHWARE.


All of the HEALTHWARE Sanitaryware’s bearings utilise the revolutionary Silver Nano technology. The series has distinct layers of a nano ceramic coating that contains ionssized silver nanoparticles. This will keep it completely clean and safe by preventing the growth of any bacteria.